Learning experiments

This week I found out what a MOOC was, thanks to an early morning trawl of Twitter and @LisaJeskins tweeting about this. It turns out I already knew what a MOOC was as a week before I’d signed up for this from Coursera. So much for acronyms.

The course I’ve signed up for is teaching inspiring leadership, which I thought would be useful for professional development. But, as well as this, my line manager has been pointing me in the direction of a series of training courses at work on management and leadership. So, I’m going to evaluate as I go, and report back here.

To be honest, knowing myself, there’s a likelihood I’ll wimp out of the MOOC just because there’s no pressure on me to do it. Also, the courses through work are more likely, one would hope, to be relevant to what I’m actually doing – designed as they are for a university setting, I would expect them to be based on theory but with direct practical applications. The six week course through Coursera sounds a bit like something designed by a motivational speaker, but also, baffling and at the same time absolutely fascinating. I’m particularly looking forward to week 5’s “Team change (the Beatles versus Rolling Stones) and Developing Social Identity (Trekkers and Apple Users)”.

Roll on May…


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